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SuiteLife Systems
SuiteLife Systems
2501 E 28th St
Suite 111
Signal Hill, CA  90755
Products/Services: Radio Station
TV Station
Broadband Applications/Infrastructure
Test and Measurement Equipment/QOS
Wireless Applications/Infrastructure/Equipment
Engineering and Technical Consultants
FAA Tower Lighting
IT/Networking Infrastructure and Security
Signal Management and Processing
Video Processing
DAB/IBOC/HD Digital Radio

Phone: 310-405-0839
Fax: 310-405-0838
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Company Description:

SuiteLife Systems provides streamlined Advanced Automation System Solutions for all sectors of the broadcast industry. 

The SLS integrated software approach focuses upon scalability, flexibility, usability, and maintainability, and offers TV and Radio Broadcasters a comprehensive range of monitoring and control solutions, unmatched in adaptability, and housed within the smallest footprints in the industry.  From the simple monitoring of a single remote site, to a NOC solution controlling hundreds of sites monitoring thousands of disparate data points, SLS supplies proven, buy-it-once solutions that will Manage, Monitor, and Control a broadcaster’s world for decades, not simply months.

Your world, your way.