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American Tower
American Tower
10 Presidential Way
Woburn, MA  01801
Products/Services: Antennas/Transmitters/Towers/Buildings
Broadband Applications/Infrastructure
Wireless Applications/Infrastructure/Equipment
Engineering and Technical Consultants

Carrie Fatalo
Business Manager, Broadcast
Phone: 877-409-6966
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Company Description:

American Tower is a leading provider of broadcast and wireless communications infrastructure with a portfolio of over 40,000 sites including the largest selection of tall broadcast towers. Our dedicated team of Broadcast experts delivers solutions for repack, low power displacement and ATSC 3.0 to keep TV and radio clients connected with their audiences. Find American Tower’s solutions involved in some of the biggest Next Gen TV projects including the Dallas SFN trial.

In addition to our portfolio and experienced industry team, we offer a full suite of services and support to keep broadcasters on air, including site monitoring and maintenance. We understand coverage challenges and can provide support to keep you focused on your core business. We provide solutions for coverage and capacity that enable you to deliver your message further.

Product Information:
American Tower has a portfolio of more than 57,000 communications sites, including the largest portfolio of broadcast towers, in the U.S.

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