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Littlite, LLC
Littlite, LLC
PO Box 430
Hamburg, MI  48139
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Highlight Description:

Littlite® . . .the name is synonymous with high-quality gooseneck task lights. For over thirty years we have been producing, refining and improving our task light system to meet the needs of users all over the world.

Originally known as "Custom Audio Electronics", CAE® was formed in 1971 by Jim Fackert, a lighting industry icon, who ran the operation from the basement of his country home near Ypsilanti, Michigan. As suggested by the name, Fackert's first CAE project was audio, rather than lighting, related; he built a sound system for Emerson, Lake & Palmer. The system's mixing console, designed by Fackert, was revolutionary in that it was the first touring console to offer stereo submasters and three-band equalization.

Lighting companies were in their infancy at the time and it was rare for touring groups to use anything other than follow spots. CAE, who had developed a good reputation doing custom audio work for production companies, was eventually asked by a client to modify some theatrical lighting equipment by adding features like bump buttons and chasers.

Soon after, the company began to design its own RainboTM consoles, the industry's first lighting desks explicitly designed for touring. CAE later decided that there was a need for an all-inclusive, easily-portable touring console with submasters, and the LP-1000, the original Leprecon®, was the result.

In its early years, when CAE would modify theatrical lighting consoles, Fackert often added work lights. Because the work lights available at that time were either too bulky or fragile, CAE designed its own. As people saw the new lamps on the Leprecon consoles, interest escalated to the point that the Littlite division was born. Today, the simple-yet-elegant Littlites have become the standard worklamps of numerous industries, and are found around the globe in film and television studios, radio stations, dance clubs, live venues, emergency vehicles, medical and assembly equipment, and everywhere else task lamps are needed.

Littlite® lampsets are the heart of our task light system. Available with LED, halogen or incandescent lights, three gooseneck lengths and several chassis configurations. Lampsets come with hardware for surface mounting or they can be coupled with one of our mounting accessories. All lampsets are available with an Energy Star® qualified switch mode power supply or a Euro style Level V compliant power supply. (E Series) Selected Littlite LED products are listed by Underwriters Laboratories, Inc.

Extended Description:

Littlite LED Lampsets

Littlite LED task lights feature a blend of white and red LED elements to provide a natural, even light output. Our Littlite Gen V LED products excel in light output, color temperature, color rendering and energy efficiency. Littlite LED lampsets feature the same high-quality construction and mounting versatility as our standard lampsets and enable the user to switch between a white light output for normal operation or a red light output for low-light applications. Custom configurations are available. Call the factory at 888-548-8548 for details.

150mA @ 12 Volts

Light output: 38 lumens (400 lux)

Color temperature: 4000’K (CCT- correlated color temperature)

Color rendering index: 85+ (CRI)

Approximate LED life under normal operating conditions: 60,000 hours

Littlite Standard Lampsets

The Original . . . our high intensity (5-watt halogen) and low intensity (2.4-watt incandescent) lampsets are available with 6”, 12” or 18” goosenecks with permanently attached or detachable goosenecks. All standard lampsets include a fully adjustable dimmer.

Littlite LW Desk Lights

Littlite LW Desk Lights use a modified version of our CWB to mount a gooseneck and dimmer control. Available in high intensity 5-watt halogen and LED versions with 12” or 18” gooseneck. The LW Series features an enclosed bottom and an integrated power supply socket.

Individual Series

Originally designed as a detachable task light for sound and lighting consoles, Littlite gooseneck lamps are also an ideal choice for built-in applications. We offer our individual gooseneck lights with a variety of connectors, gooseneck lengths and light sources. Our mounting accessories facilitate custom installations anywhere a task light is required.

Littlite X and XR series gooseneck lamps feature the LLX, a proprietary XLR style connector, designed specifically to securely capture the gooseneck in the connector.

Littlite LED individual gooseneck lamps are available with all our standard connectors and are compatible with all major sound and lighting consoles with a 12-Volt task light connector. Visit for power and polarity requirements for custom and

OEM applications.

Specialty Lights

LA Series

Our Lectern Assembly series is ideal for installation applications requiring a sleek, low-profile task light. Available with our LED or high-intensity gooseneck lamps, the Littlite LA series is a pre-wired, drop-in assembly perfect for lecterns, workstations, custom furniture and many other locations. Mounting hardware and drilling template are included.

IS Series

Select Littlite lampsets are available in “IS” configuration with the power cord routed through the bottom of the chassis for a cleaner appearance when surface mounted.

LCR Series

The Littlite LCR is designed for applications requiring a 12-Volt, hard-wired task light. Easy to install and ideal as automotive map lights, marine chart lights, industrial machine lights and other surface mount applications. Constructed of sturdy steel components with an integrated on/off switch.

MS Series – Littlite Music Stand lights employ an adjustable friction mount assembly that works on any flat-edged music stand. Sturdy metal construction, your choice of LED or halogen light and our limited lifetime warranty insures a light that will accompany you throughout your musical career.


The Littlite® RL series is available with your choice of one or two 12” gooseneck lamps with LED array or 5-watt halogen bulbs. Littlite Raklites provide illumination for an entire rack of lighting or audio equipment and enable the user to adjust illumination for patching or general rack service. The gooseneck light is recessed into a sturdy black metal E.I.A. standard 19” wide x 1.75” high rack panel. Available in 110V and 240 Volt versions.

The Littlite RLX Raklite is a black single space rack panel (1.75”) equipped with two 3-pin XLR connectors ready to receive one or two X or XR detachable Littlites. Available in 110V and 240 Volt versions. (Goosenecks not included.)

For over thirty years Littlite® has been the task light of choice in the entertainment industry. Our automotive series brings the same durability and reliability from the concert hall to your vehicle.

Automotive Series

Our L-Series Automotive lampsets are available with 6, 12 or 18-inch goosenecks. Choose between our energy efficient LED series or the 5 watt halogen bulb series. LED models can be switched between a red or white color output. Halogen lampsets feature a full range dimmer and removable red color filter. All lampsets come with mounting hardware and wiring kits.

The L-5 series features an end-mount gooseneck that lays flat when not in use. Designed for a variety of surface mount applications, the L-5 is ideal for computer mounts and mobile workstations.

The L-6 includes a 12-volt power adapter that can be powered from any 12-Volt power point. Use one of our mounting accessories for a perfect light for various locations.

The L-9 series has our traditional top-mount gooseneck. Like the L-5, the 24” wiring exits the bottom of the chassis for a clean installation.


A handy, stowable, removable task light, the Stowlite plugs into any 12-volt power point and provides ample lighting from the 2.4-watt incandescent lamp. The Stowlite is small enough to fit in map pockets, glove compartments and stowage bins.


The Littlite Multi-volt range of products include the MV series, CC series LED task lights and the LDC dimmer converter products. Multi-volt products are designed to operate on a wide range of input voltage for heavy duty applications.

Littlite CC series uses constant current circuitry enabling a wider range of input voltage (8-28VDC), smoother LED dimming with no digital artifacts and more efficient operation.

Littlite MV series dimmers utilize PWM (pulse width modulation) to achieve both voltage regulation and dimming. They allow 12 volt lamps to operate on an input voltage of 12 to 28VDC. The MV is specially designed to regulate and dim incandescent lamps such as our Lo and HI series in any combination up to a 1-Amp total draw. 12 volt LED lamps may also be used in combination with incandescent. The MV is most useful controlling multiple 12 volt lamps with a single dimmer.

The Littlite LDC uses our MV dimmer to provide dimming control and voltage conversion for all Littlite products. Ideal for trucks, specialty vehicles, industrial machinery and other higher voltage applications. Operates on input voltage of 12-28VDC and provides dimming control for single or multiple LED and incandescent lamps and in any combination up to a 1-Amp total draw. Compatible with current Littlite power supplies and cable accessories.

Selected Littlite LED products are now listed by Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (see “Littlite LED UL Product List”)

New from Littlite the Anser®

The ANSER® series by Littlite represents a “new direction” for Littlite gooseneck task lights. Taking advantage of the flexibility and energy efficiency of LED technology, the ANSER is designed to be an alternative to bulky, obtrusive and costly LED gooseneck lights.

Using the latest in LED technology, the ANSER outperforms our classic halogen products in light illumination and energy efficiency producing a warm light output (approx. 3100K) that mimics the warmth of a traditional incandescent lamp. The unique ANSER hood is designed to minimize operating temperature and the compact shape, lineal light output and adjustable gooseneck provides the ultimate in positioning flexibility. Available in an LED spot light and LED flood light, the ANSER is ideal as a bedside and desk top reading light, an industrial inspection light, control console/broadcast control work light and a high-quality USB light*. The possibilities are endless.

The ANSER Lampset series is built on our standard compact chassis designed for easy surface mount installation or for use with any of our mounting accessories. The ANSER Desk Light series incorporates the gooseneck light and dimmer control into a special cast weighted base resulting in a sleek, powerful, space saving task light.

All ANSER task lights feature our new LED dimmer circuitry providing smooth dimming. The ANSER can be powered from 5 to 28 volts and maintains high energy efficiency and a strong light output across all voltage ranges. The ANSER can be powered from the 12-volt power supply included with the light or from a USB port with our optional ANSER-USB cable*.

The ANSER by Littlite is manufactured in the USA and built to the same high standards as our other road proven gooseneck task lights.

*USB operation subject to available current at USB port.

Technical Information

In addition to our standard models, the ANSER is available in a “Spot” version featuring a focused light output. The ANSER Spot series concentrates the light in a tighter pattern minimizing spill when used in close lighting applications.

ANSER Specifications

Light Output @ 12” 400 Lux

Color Temperature 3100 K

CRI (Color Rendering) 92 RA

Rated Life @ 12V 60,000 Hours

At Full Output:

Power Supplied Current Drain Watts

@ 5 volts 300 mA 1.5 w

@ 12 volts 180 mA 2.2 w

@ 24 volts 90 mA 2.2 w

@ 28 volts 75 mA 2.1 w

Dimmed down to 0:

5 to 28v supply, 4 mA or less drain.

Many mounting options are available. Visit

Product Information:
Littlite gooseneck task lights have been a standard of the entertainment technology industry for over three decades. First conceived as a sound and lighting console mounted work light, Littlite has continued to expand on the concept of a high-quality, compact gooseneck task light and today offers over 300 variations of task lights and accessories.

The Littlite LW Series desk lights are available in LED or 5-Watt halogen models with a choice of 12 or 18 gooseneck lengths. These lights use a

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