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Nautel offers the industry’s broadest portfolio of digital/analog solid-state radio transmission platforms including 1 – 2,000 kW AM/MW, 300 W – 88 kW FM transmitters, VS300LP for LPFM and digital solutions for HD Radio.  Nautel transmitters offer comprehensive monitoring and control instrumentation via touch screen or web, outstanding reliability, compact footprints, high efficiency, easy maintenance, and 24/7 support on everything built since 1969.  More than 16,000 Nautel transmitters are deployed in 177 countries worldwide.

Extended Description:

GV Series Digital/Analog FM: 3.5 - 88 kW

The GV Series offers even more digital power, digital efficiency and significant new instrumentation and functionality.  These award-winning transmitters include everything you expect from a Nautel, plus major new capabilities like: reduced cost of ownership for IBOC; HD Spectrum/Efficiency Optimizer; separate controller “back up” user interface; site control functionality via AUI; low mains operation down to 90V (at 1/3 TPO); dynamic RDS scrolling; and oscilloscope instrumentation.

VS Series FM: 300 W – 2.5 kW

Affordable, low-power transmitters with integrated digital exciter and industry-first innovations such as IP audio I/O, Livewire and Shoutcast support, audio backup, advanced control, optional Orban Inside and an easy upgrade path to digital broadcasting. Upgrade a main or stand-by transmitter with a cost-effective, feature-rich VS Series Exciter.  The VS300 is FCC LPFM type certified and greatly simplifies the set-up, operation and maintenance of an LPFM station.

NVlt Series Analog FM: 3.5 - 40 kW

These award-winning transmitters combine proven NV architecture with intelligent VS features, outstanding 72% efficiency, and exceptional value.  They’re built tough with integrated direct-to-digital exciter(s), parallel power amplifiers, parallel power modules and switching power supplies.

NX Series MW-AM: 1 kW - 2 MW

Nautel’s NX Series is the proven choice for AM/MW transmission with over 20,000 kW of power installed worldwide. These modern and reliable transmitters come with AM precorrection, unmatched linearity, Nautel's powerful Advanced User Interface and built-in instrumentation. Compact footprints, exceptional efficiency (88%) and low maintenance overhead make them extremely cost effective to own and operate.

Built-In Instrumentation & Control

Over 8,000 transmitters have shipped supporting Nautel’s award-winning AUI.  This innovative built-in commercial grade instrumentation gives full monitoring and control via a touch screen Advanced User Interface (AUI) and/or optional web access. Having that much control remotely can help broadcasters avoid trips, save time and save money.

Digital Radio

Nautel’s comprehensive DRM/HD Radio digital solutions offer robust, easy-to-deploy, digital-capable transmitters and components for end-to-end digital radio capability.

Product Information:
The GV Series: solid-state, digital/analog FM transmitters (3.5 - 88 kW) offering unique audio management and processing tools, and the industry’s highest hybrid IBOC efficiency. Time-saving capabilities include; SHOUTcast™ and IceCast streaming input; RDS generator; audio spectrum analyzer; powerful presets; LD-MOS; UPS interface; PUSHRADIO™ with scheduler and play lists; Nautel PhoneHome™ proactive status monitoring; Axia Livewire™ IP audio support; optional Orban Inside™, and much more.

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