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Shively Labs div. Howell Laboratories, Inc.
Shively Labs div. Howell Laboratories, Inc.
188 Harrison Road
Bridgton, ME  04009
Products/Services: Antennas/Transmitters/Towers/Buildings

Dale Ladner, Sales Manager
Eastern Region US, Eastern Canada, Caribbean, Mex

Angela Gillespie
VP, Shivley Labs, Western Region US, Asia Pacific

Al Plummer
Sales Manager, New England

Phone: 207-647-3327
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Company Description:

Shively Labs is an employee-owned company, specializing in broadcast system design and optimization, especially antennas, combiners, filters, transmission line, and other passive RF devices.

We can work the entire RF spectrum, but our passion is FM, and we’ve solved problems unique to those frequencies that others couldn’t even identify as being problems. Assembling antennas from expired patents is not the same as designing broadcast solutions, and broadcasters and consulting engineers alike have trusted our engineering expertise and experience for over fifty years. Our record with the FCC and other governing agencies around the world is also unsurpassed; in fact, we are the only antenna company who has never had a submitted directional pattern rejected, or fail in the field.

Although we now have many Commercial-off-the-Shelf products, suitable for rapid deployment or stocking situations, our reputation was originally built on custom-designed solutions. We still take the time to first listen to you, and then engineer the best solution for your unique situation. We are happy working at any power level: designing solutions for small, not-for-profit organizations on a shoestring budget, to major-market combined systems, to megawatt mountaintop facilities overseas. We supply simple systems suitable for installation on a lone telephone pole, all the way to those needing to survive at sites experiencing the worst weather on the planet; and we do it responsibly, reliably, and affordably. With over 8,000 systems delivered worldwide so far, we are ready to ensure your solution works, for you.

With an expanding range of new products designed to ease installation and maximize performance, contact Shively Labs to see how we can help you. When your station really matters, trust Shively; we’ll always tell you what you need to know, not simply what you want to hear.

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