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4550 River Green Pkwy
Suite 220
Duluth, GA  30096
Products/Services: Networks, Fiber
Workflow Software and Solutions
Advertising and Commercials
Advertising/Analytics/Media Sales Solutions
Broadband Applications/Infrastructure
Test and Measurement Equipment/QOS
Business and Technology Consultants
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IT/Networking Infrastructure and Security
Television Automation/Master Control
Workflow Software and Solutions
Satellite Uplink
Workflow Solutions

Kevin Hanville
SVP Sales & Marketing
Larry Mincer
SVP Business Development
Angie Johnston
Marketing & Administration Manager
Phone: 770-932-0970
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Highlight Description:

Crystal provides leading edge software used in Advanced Television advertising and rights management operations for OTT, Connected TV, Addressable TV, and Addressable VOD. This software bridges the gap between Television legacy infrastructure and operations and the new IP distribution.

Crystal also provides leading edge software for the automated monitoring and control of systems that are responsible for the delivery of content through terrestrial and IP distribution, ensuring the availability, resilience and quality of their contribution and distribution.

A privately held company, Crystal is headquartered in Greater Atlanta, GA. For more information, please visit

Extended Description:

Crystal Connect delivers and monitors ad break messaging, giving Broadcasters and Distributors the ability to monetize their entire ad inventory on any platform. Crystal Control monitors your infrastructure, detecting and predicting system problems, quickly guiding operators and engineers to analysis, diagnosis and repair. Crystal Connect and Crystal Control are network grade solutions with legendary reliability and resilience.

Product Information:
Crystals products enable you to monitor and monetize your broadcasts with Crystal Connects and Crystal Controls.

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