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Thor Fiber / Thor Broadcast
Thor Fiber / Thor Broadcast
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Mark Slowik
VP of Sales
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About Thor Fiber

Thor Fiber and Thor Broadcast are trusted manufacturers of Fiber Optic Transport equipment and Headend Hardware products and design for over a generation, specializing in telecom, stadiums, education, hotel, studio production, casino, house of worship, TV Broadcast, AV, and Live events. Contact our dedicated solutions engineers with decades of experience today to help solve your CATV/IP/Fiber dilemmas here locally in Los Angeles, California. Thor Fiber can use a variety of fiber mux/demux technologies in our fully stocked lab so we're able to bring world class custom orders to your door in no time. Our award winning CATV Encoder Modulators are # 1 in multiple industries and have been touted globally as an all inclusive headend in a box. Pro-DVB options featuring any input HDMI/SDI/CVBS/YpPbr in Mpeg2/H.264 and outputting on RF/IP/ASI in Ultra Low Latency simultaneously means we already have something that will fit your needs. Our clients range from institutions all over the world, and especially here in the USA featuring our Armed Forces, NASA, NFL, Olympic Games, NCAA, NHL, Disney and the DOD.

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Professional Video and Audio Solutions, Design & Consulting, System Integration, Equipment Sales, Broadcast, Consulting, Corporate, House of Worship, Education, Government & Live Events.


 Thor 8 HDMI Digital RF Modulator CC is an all-in-one device integrating MPEG2 encoding and modulating to convert audio video signals into DVB-C T ATSC ISDB-T RF out.   

 H-HDCOAX-8 Supports 8 HDMI inputs and its modular design (maximum 8 HDMI inputs) and flexible configuration makes it scalable and very reliable while providing high performance. The signal source could be from any STB, satellite receiver, closed-circuit television cameras and antenna etc. Its output signal is designed to work with any TV or STB. Because it comes standard with every RF modulation standard builtin, this device can work anywhere in the world in a plug and play format.   

Extend 3G, HD-SDI or SD-SDI digital video signals over single-mode fiber optic cable
Base Model F-M1SDI-3G-TX / RX support single mode fiber up to 20Km and it has ST / PC connector

Thor Fiber ultra compact 3G SDI fiber extender kits are designed to increase the range of digital 3G, SD-SDI or HD-SDI video signals over singlemode or multimode fiber optic cable. SDI is normally carried over coax cable on BNC connectors, however the maximum cable distance is very short. Thor SDI extenders increase the distance to more than 80 miles by using lasers to send data over the fiber cable. Stock units transmit an SDI signal 20km over Singlemode fiber and 2000ft over Multimode fiber.


8 Channel CWDM 3G-SDI Kit over one Singlmode Fiber

Thor Fiber uncompressed 3G-CWDM part number F-8SDI-TxRx come in a kit (Tx & Rx) and are standard configuration Fiber Optic Transmitter and Receivers for Serial Digital signals up to 3G-SDI running at 3.0 Gbps.  This system can be ordered with any standard CWDM optics package, and internal passives are available by request.  This is a 8 Channel system based on a standard 40km platform.  No configuration or management is needed, as the system automatically adjusts to any input signal type regardless of bit rate or protocol.  Easy to read LED indicators for Input Signal Detect and optical link are present for all channels. Units come standard with ST/PC fiber connectors and a 1RU 19" rackmount form factor to keep your rack clean. Simplified easy to use plug and play units mean that anyone can deploy these in no time. Commercial grade intricate parts means these will work for years without hassle, backed by Thor Fiber's 5 year warranty and free tech support means a stress free guarantee. 


Fiber Optic to RJ11 Telephone Media Converter

The F-1TEL is used for carrying a phone line over fiber optic cable.  Telephone over Fiber applications offer a secure connection that is impossible to bug. The F-8TEL provides full service for features like caller ID.  The converter can be used in service mode, allowing connection of 2 telephone sets. Also available in a 4ch compact kit as well.

PN: F-8V-Tx/Rx

Thor Fiber 8 Channel Composite Video over Fiber Transmitter and Receiver for easy transport of all your video over a singlemode (20km) or multimode(3000ft) fiber

There are many high end security cameras out there that still shoot in standard composite video.  Our line of baseband fiber transmitters are designed to extend the life of this equipment, add range and distance to the camera's and help assist with lower cost solutions verus HD-SDI options. Kits are available in 1,2,4,8, and 16 Channels of video over fiber.


Thor Fiber 8 Channel  AHD/TVI/CVI Transmitter and Receiver for easy transport of all your video over a singlemode (20km) or multimode(3000ft) fiber. 

Thor Fiber now has a full line of less expensive, commerical grade Video Over Fiber systems in easy to use kits. Electronic and optical adjustments are never required with these automated plug and play units. LED indicators are provided for instant monitoring of the system status. Devices are available for either standalone or rack-mount installation, which is suitable for different working environments. Compatible with AHD-H, AHD-M, AHD-L / HD-TVI 720P & 1080P / HD-CVI 720P & 1080P. Kits are available in 1,2,4,8, and 16 Channels of video over fiber.

PN: F-16A-TxRx

Thor Fiber 16 Analog Audio over Fiber for easy transport of unbalanced analog audio over a single fiber. 

The audio fiber optic Transmitter, converts analog Audio 20hz to 20Khz fiber optic modulated digital stream so it could be transported over single mode or multimode fiber.(long haul available). The optical receiver converts the optical signal back to its original Analog Wave form. Offers very low latency 1ms so it's perfect for live events, shows, concerts, auditoriums, etc. We have several different models supporting 2, 4, 8, 16 and 32 analog audios. Offers very low latency 1ms so it's perfect for live events, shows, concerts, auditoriums, etc. The small and compact form factor means it could be used for any applications where copper has a limited distance or noise issues.


Thor Fiber 1- 8 Professional High Quality 3-PIN XLR Audio over fiber extender

The F-1-8XLR-TX/RX is the HIFI professional audio optical transceiver with 3-PIN XLR interface, performs high-quality 1~8-ch HIFI audio transmission over an optical line. Fiber Optic Transmitter High Quality audio signals are converted to digital signals and then converted to optical signals for transmission. Fiver Optic Receiver does the photoelectric conversion from modulated light signal to the analog XLR signal output. Used for professional and extremely high quality audio transmission over the fiber.



4 HDMI & Component HD to COAX, HD 480i / 720p /1080i / 1080p Modulator and IPTV Encoder Streamer Low Latency, HDCP Compliant HDMI, MPEG2 and H.264 Video Encoding, Dolby AC3 Audio Encoding

The bestselling Encoder Modulator is better than ever with revamped firmware and hardware upgrades at a new low price!! This system has all the previous award winning features found in Thor Broadcast modulators, as well as several new additional functions for added applications and flexibility.  The platform provides 5 full RF carrier outputs for generating channels from content ingested through the ASI input.  Encoding in either MPEG-2 or H.264 is provided for 4 crystal clear video streams up to 1080p60 each. These units can be ordered in any modulation standard, domestic and global, as well as with SDI inputs.


Universal IRD decoder equipped with 2 separate tuners; one for ATSC and one for DVBS/S2 satellite. The unit has 4 different Inputs and all necessary outputs for a PRO-DVB headend. The inputs include IP, ASI, ATSC, and DVBS/S2.

The Thor Broadcast Integrated Receiver Decoders have several applications for decoding program content to broadcast quality video. Equipped with every major video signal output, including HD-SDI, Thor V3 units can provide HD video to any display or professional video system.  Also available are modern digital audio outputs on both optical Toslink and XLR connectors.  Dolby AC/3 audio pass through is standard, and closed caption support for both 608 and 708 captioning systems is present.  The V3 platform adds a front panel LCD video display for confidence monitoring, as well as an internal program multiplexer for combining content from both ASI and IP sources simultaneously.  The web interface displays all available programs and corresponding PID's.  Each program can be independently added to either the ASI or IP outputs. 

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