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Comtech Xicom Technology, Inc.
3550 Bassett Street
Santa Clara, CA  95054
Products/Services: DTV/HDTV
DSNG Vehicles and Services
Satellite Uplink

Eric Schmidt
Vice President of Sales
Felix Moreno
Regional Manager Lat Am
Ann Mullan
Regional Manager EMEA
+44 0 1753 549 999
KK Lim
Regional Manager Asia Pac
+65 6325 1953
Phone: 408-213-3000
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Comtech Xicom Technology, Inc. is the world’s leading satcom power amplifier supplier, offering the broadest product line in the industry. For more than 25 years, our focus on customers, innovation and quality has created a tremendous breadth of products and created a company with a reputation for excellence. We have a culture of problem solving and a history of innovation with firsts in:

  • Outdoor TWTAs

  • Internal L-band block upconverters in TWTAs

  • Low cost linearization through gain expansion

  • Higher power products

  • Higher frequency products & Multi-band amplifiers

  • First full-capability color touch-screen controllers

  • Complex redundancy and phase combined systems

  • Constant current Life Extension capability (for ground)

Comtech Xicom Technology provides rugged, highly efficient and reliable amplifier products for commercial and military broadcast and broadband applications including:

  • Traveling Wave Tube Amplifiers (TWTAs)

  • Klystron Power Amplifiers (KPAs)

  • Solid-State Power Amplifiers (SSPAs)

  • Block Upconverters (BUCs)

This product range encompasses power levels from 8W to 3kW, with coverage across the 2 GHz to 51.4 GHz frequency spectrum. They are used in critical communications links on the ground, in the air and on the sea. They support fixed traditional and direct-to-home broadcast, mobile satellite news gathering (SNG), transportable and flyaway systems, secure high data rate communications and broadband access.


Extended Description:

Ka/Q/V-Band Leadership

Comtech Xicom announces a new 250W Q/V-Band amplifier for HTS gateway service, extending its leadership role in millimeter wave TWTAs. The amplifier delivers linear power across the entire 4.2 GHz of spectrum from 47.2 to 51.4 GHz. Power combining and reduncy architectures are also available. 


Comtech Xicom Technology has developed, and DO-160 certified, SSPAs and Block Upconverters (BUCs) for in-cabin ARINC 791 and tail-mount hermetic SSPAs. Opering in Ku and Ka-Bands, Xicom's very high efficiency technology and advanced packaging techniques enabled industry-leading power density products that meet, or exceed, the tough environments fo airborne applications. 

Liquid Cooling

Gateway and teleport customers are electing liquid cooling to ease maintenance and save air conditioning exspenses. Liquid cooling allows the user to easily remove heat from the amplifiers and dissipate it in a more desirable location. It enables amplifiers to be mounted near the feed without worry about air flow or maintenance.

2kW Outdoor Soft Fail Redundancy Systems 

Antenna mounted continuous power systems offer minimal transmission line loss with soft-fail hitless redundancy. All TWTAs contribute to the system power and efficiency. Output power only declines 2.5 dB in off-line state. Auto recovery can drive remaining amplifiers back to the full power point.

Web-Based Interface - A new Web-based interface for the LCD touch screen amplifiers has also been announced. The graphical user interface (GUI) displays the identical images on a computer screen as that shown on the amplifier’s LDC control panel offering an easy-to-use off-site interface for monitoring and controlling multiple amplifiers and switches. The simple and intuitive color-coded operation provided by the touch-screen front panel is available remotely without the need for proprietary software. Secure internet access, a current Web browser (IE9, Firefox and Chrome) and the IP address of the amplifier are all that are needed to remotely monitor and control SATCOM amplifiers and systems including real-time viewing of diagnostic data. Users can access all of the functionality of the front panel touch-screen including the System, Amplifier, Events, Trends and Set-up Screens. As on the LCD front panel, the amplifiers status and output power are displayed at all times.

Xicom continues to introduce innovative SATCOM amplifier products that feature high performance and ease of use. You can’t beat the combination of features and performance of Xicom amplifiers.

Product Information:
A broad line of high power TWTA and SSPA amplifiers for broadcast, mobile and fixed applications

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