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ATCi (Antenna Technology Commun. Inc.)
ATCi (Antenna Technology Commun. Inc.)
450 N McKemy Ave
Chandler, AZ  85226
Products/Services: Antennas/Transmitters/Towers/Buildings
Broadband Applications/Infrastructure
Cable Equipment and Headend
Content Delivery Network
Mobile Video Distribution Technologies
Test and Measurement Equipment/QOS
Antenna De-Icing Systems
DSNG Vehicles and Services
Satellite Uplink

Anthony Graves
Product Manager, Senior Sales Manager
Kevin Hatch
Head of Engineering
Phone: 480-844-8501
Fax: 480-898-7667
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Company Description:

ATCi offers end-to-end RF systems integration and technical services. From front-end consulting and planning, to integrating, installing, coordinating and managing technology solutions.

ATCi’s flagship product, Simulsat, continues to dominate the multibeam market. Simulsat has the capacity to receive signals from 35 satellites at the same time. Available in 2 size and performance variations, Simulsat takes up less space than three parabolic antennas.

Along with Simulsat, ATCi designs, manufactures and sources many other products that offer customers expanded capacity, design excellence and value. Among them are: uplinks, flyaway systems, teleports, headend components, parabolics, test equipment, matrix switches, and satcom fiber optics solutions.

Besides Simulsat, ATCi is also well known as a turn-key uplink system provider. ATCi provides this service and has installed numerous uplink systems to various locations worldwide. ATCi’s uplink systems provides a solution that meets unique requirements by utilizing the best technology at an unbeatable price.

Teleport and Data Center Services: ATCi's teleport currently provides a wide range of media broadcasting and corporate VSAT services. Communication outages caused by storms, unexpected diasters and localized telecom disruptions can occur at any time and are often unpredictable. ATCi's disaster recover facilities include satellite uplink/downlink earthstations, secure data center space, and a 24/7 Help Desk backed by an experienced engineering team.

ATCi’s mission is to enhance the customers’ opportunity for profit through the Company’s design, product, installation and service quality.

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Product Information:
Simulsat RF Transport System The complete RF Transport System includes the Simulsat multibeam antenna - world’s only multiple satellite antenna that is capable of receiving satellite transmissions from 35+ satellites simultaneously, L-band fiberoptic links for transport into the headend, RF detection for LNB status, L-Band Matrix Switch to route and distribute signals to receivers, an embedded spectrum analyzer for monitoring each signal, proprietary M & C software that provides total monitoring

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