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Allen Avionics
Allen Avionics
2727 Clinton Street
River Grove, IL  60171
Products/Services: Mobile/Vehicle Production
Portable/Modular Studios
Projectors and Projection Screens
TV Sets/Monitors
Video Display
Cable Equipment and Headend
Microwave RF Accessories
Mobile TV/Video Management Platforms/Applications
Test and Measurement Equipment/QOS
Systems Integration
Video Processing
DSNG Vehicles and Services
Mobile Production Studios
Format Conversion
Audio Editing
Audio Recording

Phone: 708-453-3238
Fax: 708-453-0297
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Allen Avionics was acquired by Star Hydraulics in September 2017 and has been moved to River Grove, Illinois (a few miles Southeast of O’Hare airport outside Chicago). Allen Avionics will continue to provide the products that you have purchased from us in the past and expect to increase offerings of some product categories in the near future. As part of the Star Hydraulics family we are also working to expand our ISO9001:2015 certification to cover Allen Avionics and expect to have this business certified in 2018. We apologize for any delays in delivery that occurred during the transition, but are back up-to-speed and looking forward to working with you in the future.

Extended Description:

3G/HD/SD-SDI Splitter is a perfect solution when an additional video source is required for an add-on monitor, lab applications, conference and meeting rooms where you need another video display. Gold-BNC, compact shape and low insertion loss. Virtually foolproof and can be used in permanent and temporary installations.

MADI-ISO-B is a Digital Audio Isolation Transformer that eliminates hum and noise in Multichannel Audio Digital Interface (MADI) or AES10-2008 Digital Audio Formats. This small, cylindrical package with Gold-BNC connectors isolates the signal path and protects equipment from potentials up to 20 Volts. Removes induced currents in long cable runs, stops Interference that results in degradation of bit timing in high speed digital signals that cause higher Bit Error Rates and Cliff Effect. Data rates up to 250Mb/s are supported.

AES3i Digital Audio Isolator (AES-ISO-B) eliminates hum and noise in AES3i Digital Audio Formats caused by ground voltages and induced currents in long cable runs. They have a bandwidth up to 50 Mb/s with insertion loss less than 1dB. Compact, standalone unit in a cylindrical package with Gold-BNC connectors provides needed Input/Output isolation.

HD/SD-SDI Video & Audio Delay System (DLS-MVIO-20) Compact video/audio delay system for HD/SD-SDI video with embedded audio signal. DLS-MVIO-20 supports self-adaptive HD/SD input signal with a maximum delay of 20s and a minimum delay of 1 frame. Built-in frame synchronization, H-Phase adjustment and relative delay corrector of video/audio error with an adjustment range of ± 15 frames. The DLS-MVIO-20 is a perfect complement with our Analog Video & Audio Delay System (DLS Series) that has total delay up to 120 seconds.

Pro-Sound Defender Series (AGL-PSD-1 & AGL-PSD-2) of In-line audio transformers totally outperforms any other industry leading transformer. This is a must-have for any audio technician or professional musician to get rid of hum, ground-loops or buzz/noise present in any audio system. This compact device is completely transparent and provides distortion-free sound. Available both with XLR and ¼” Phono connectors.

VGA Video Isolator (VI-VGA) is an essential component for AV and Multimedia System Integrators designing studios, conference rooms, and boardrooms. These passive ground loop isolators are widely used to eliminate noise or interference on Video Displays or Projectors using 15-Pin VGA connectors. Just replace your existing VGA cable with the VI-VGA between your video source and the display/projector. VI-VGA is designed specifically to reduce hum in analog component RGBHV video signal and VESA Digital Data Channel (VESA DDC).

HD-VIT-75 – HD-SDI Video Isolation Transformer is used to eliminate hum and ground loops in High Definition Serial Digital Transmission Line. This small, passive device supports all transmission rates of SMPTE259m and SMPTE292m up to 1.50Gbps.

SDI-VIT-75 – SD-SDI Video Isolation Transformer eliminates interference that can be caused in Standard Definition Serial Digital Transmission lines due to hum and ground potential difference. This passive device supports all transmission rates of SMPTE259m and ITU-R BT 656, 143Mbps to 540Mbps including 270Mbps transmission rate.

HD-SDI Hum Eliminator – SDI signals are more immune to extraneous noise and low frequency hum problems then Analog signals but they can still be affected by hum and noise like Analog signals. Jitter from induced noise can compound problems created by unstable signal sources, poor re-clocking systems, cable attenuation that can be the demise of digital signals. HD-SDI Series eliminates these induced noise and hum caused by long cable runs. Single and multi-channel models including 1U Rack version.

HEC Series – Analog Hum Eliminators works best in circumstances where interference is caused by small differences in ground potential (less than 20 volts) or by induced currents in long cable runs. These products remove hum and buzz caused for both 50Hz and 60Hz signals in video cables.

VIT Series – Video Isolation Transformers, breaks the ground connection in video transmission lines and eliminates 60Hz hum caused by ground loops. The VIT-75 can also eliminate hum problems caused by large potential differences to over 20 volts.

Allen Avionics provides a broad line of standard and custom filters including low, high and band pass; band reject, notch, brickwall, diplexer and attenuators. We provide filters capable of handling low to high power with some filters capable of handling up to 500 watts of power.

Allen Avionics has been a leader in custom delay lines with variations covering a variety of types and packages. Applications cover the signal spectrum from sub-audio through sonar, RF, HF and VHF with a wide variety of pulse rates, pulse widths and duty cycles.

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