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Klover Products Inc.
Klover Products Inc.
5807 W Fenrick Rd
Janesville, WI  53548
Products/Services: Camera Power & Accessories
Capture Accessories, Devices and Software
Lens Cleaning Systems
Parabolic Microphones

Paul Terpstra, P.E.
Phone: 608-371-5660
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Company Description:

Klover Products is committed to providing unique & innovative audio-visual products to their customers.

Klover Products has been manufacturing professional quality parabolic microphones since its incorporation in March of 2012.  The Klover MiK line of parabolics began with the original 26-inch unit, seen on the sidelines of many football games.  When the reach of the Klover MiK 26 proved to be too great for baseball, Klover Products developed the 16-inch Klover MiK.  Since its introduction, this parabolic mic has been used for the MLB playoffs and the World Series.  Based on customer requests, the 9-inch parabolic was also developed which provides a useful alternative to shotgun microphones.  This unit is small enough to be mounted directly to the video camera while providing enough range to be used for basketball broadcasts.

These three models provide parabolic microphones with pick-up ranges from 50 feet up to over 500 feet.  And all of our parabolic products are designed with the operator’s safety as a major design consideration.  The unique design allows the units to break in a defined manner in order to absorb the energy that would otherwise be absorbed by the operator.  The modular design also allows broken components to be replaced quickly.

A second product line, made up of a series of lens cleaning systems, is also under development.  The Klear Shot quickly and easily removed rain drops or debris from a stationary camera so the camera can be back on-line in a matter of seconds.  The Klear Shot FP provides the same lens cleaning function for mobile cameras.  Both use compressed gas to clean the camera lens so nothing comes in contact with the surface of the lens.

In addition to standard products, Klover Products has created numerous custom products to fit a particular need of the customer.  Mr. Terpstra, Klover Product’s co-founder, has a long history of solving problems with custom engineered products in a wide variety of industries.  Contact us to discuss your unique challenge.

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