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Delta Digital Video
Delta Digital Video
747 Dresher Road
Suite 125
Horsham, PA  19044
Products/Services: Distribution & Delivery
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Mobile Video Distribution Technologies
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Phone: 215-657-5270
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Highlight Description:

Delta Digital Video, a division of Delta Information Systems Inc., is a leading provider of cutting-edge video encoding solutions for full motion video (FMV) transmission. Delta Digital Video’s products are specifically manufactured in mission-qualified, rugged packages for the demanding environmental requirements of airborne operation and are engineered from several decades of practical program success. Our expertise in these markets comes from our many years of supporting government and industry efforts to develop standards for compressing, converting, transmitting, and exploiting video in the applications we serve. 

Delta Digital Video's video encoders, decoders, codecs, and transcoders support video transmission, display, recording, and archiving. Our products are used in diverse application ranging from the US efforts in the war on terror, or FBI surveillance missions here at home, to solutions to provide classroom access for those who are not capable of physically attending, and extending television delivery to places where the broadcast infrastructure does not exist.

Recognizing that no standard product meets all customer requirements, Delta Digital Video works with customers to tailor our core technologies for a specific application, resulting in cost-effective solutions for program requirements. Delta Digital Video, along with all Delta Information Systems, Inc. subsidiaries, is ISO9001:2015/AS9100D Certified. Our employees are devoted to project success and will ensure timely delivery of reliable, cost effective products and unmatched customer support from start to finish. 

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Visit us at NAB Show on April 18th-22nd at booth #SL1301 to discuss your application needs and see live demonstrations of our latest innovations. We look forward to meeting you!

High-performance video encoding is the engine behind enabling real-time transmission for high quality, high-resolution vision systems!  

The military ISR market has expanded to include homeland security, first responders, and civil applications. Regardless of the application, the transmission of high-quality Full Motion Video (FMV) within the constraints of existing datalinks has posed a challenge. Video compression technology has advanced in conjunction with large scale integrated circuits and high-performance sensors. The evolution has been dramatic and the recent introduction and integration of H.265 encoding technology has continued the trend of reducing the bandwidth requirements necessary to transmit high-quality, high-resolution video. The H.265 technology has been available for several years but size, weight, and power has remained an issue for the highly computational processing needs relative to airborne and ground-mobile applications. Delta Digital Video has developed a compact, low-power H.265 solution to meet the needs of diverse platforms.

Delta Digital Video’s Full Product Line Includes:

  • Rugged Video Encoders
  • Commercial Video Encoders
  • Video Decoders
  • Video Codecs
  • Video Distribution
  • Stroke-to-Raster Scan Converters
  • Video-to-Video Scan Converters

What Sets Delta Digital Video Apart:

Delta Digital Video has always offered cutting-edge video encoding solutions for full motion video transmission. We continue these trends with the introduction of our next generation MISB/JITC compliant video products. These products are designed specifically for the demanding environmental requirements of airborne operation and are built on several decades of practical program success.

The Model 7805R offers all the advantages of H.265 video compression in a compact, rugged unit designed to meet the stringent requirements for land, air, and sea operations. Delta Digital Video’s Model 7805R delivers high-quality HD video compression at half the bandwidth of previous generation H.264 video encoders.

Delta Digital Video’s industry best SWaP and low latency open the door for high quality video transmission on increasingly constrained datalinks. This is accomplished in a small (13.2 cubic inches), low-power (<10W), hardened package.  

Extended Description:

Delta Digital Video’s Model 7821 2-Channel Encoder is an H.265 HD/SD video encoder that compresses video and audio signals, multiplexing them with metadata and other system information for real-time video transmission applications. The 7821 is capable of simultaneously encoding two channels of video with resolutions up to 1080p. Utilizing the H.265 (HEVC) video compression algorithm, the encoder provides high quality video transmission at various resolutions and a wide range of bandwidths.

Delta Digital Video’s Model 7805R H.265 Rugged Video Encoder is a key component for the transmission of full-motion video. The 7805R is a compact, low power unit specifically engineered for harsh environments. Additionally, it is a MISB/JITC compliant unit meeting the requirements for video compression, KLV metadata processing, transport stream multiplexing, and ensures compatibility with downstream processing, exploitation, and dissemination (PED).

Product Information:
Model 7821 H.265 Compact HD/SD Video Encoder
Model 7805R H.265 Rugged Video Encoder

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