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5710 Warland Drive
Cypress, CA  90630
Products/Services: Animation and VFX
Digital Intermediate
Motion Graphics

Kevin Burke
Western Regional Sales Rep
Matthew Choi
Marketing Communication Manager
562-431-5011 ext 139
Mike Ridolfi
Business & Product Manager
Kevin Rosin
Eastern Regional Sales Rep
Phone: 800-800-5202
Toll-Free: ext. 210
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Highlight Description:

EIZO Inc. is the North American subsidiary of EIZO Corporation, a high-end manufacturer of computer LCD monitors for use in demanding professional environments. Their long term stability and reliability make them an ideal solution for environments requiring color accuracy, calibration, and precision over time. They have separated themselves as a true manufacturer from the ground up of all the components that go into each and every one of their displays. They are able to quality control all those components to deliver a product that outperforms conventional LCD monitors.

Extended Description:

Factory preset color spaces like BT.2020, DCI-P3 and BT.709 make this monitor the easiest tool for attaining your required color standard. In compliance with DCI standards, the contrast ratio is a high 1500:1.  This produces truer blacks that are otherwise difficult to display on a typical LCD monitor. Even when viewing the screen from an angle in a dimly-lit studio, the dark tones retain their depth. Also, you can prioritize a high brightness and contrast ratio over brightness uniformity by pressing a button on the front of the monitor.  Fluctuations in brightness and chromaticity on different parts of the screen are a common trait of all LCD monitors. To counteract this, EIZO's patented digital uniformity equalizer (DUE) technology ensures a Delta-E difference of 3 or less across the screen when the monitor leaves the factory. DUE also counterbalances the influences that a fluctuating ambient temperature may have on color temperature and brightness to ensure stable image display.

Product Information:
ColorEdge CG319X is EIZO’s latest DCI-4K professional monitor equipped with a 24-bit programmable 3D LUT coupled with HLG and the PQ gamma curves for editing HDR video content. The CG319X is ideal for use in 2D and 3D CGI, VFX, and color grading applications. Its true 4K (4096 x 2160) native resolution delivers a stunning image quality unlike any other monitor on the market with the added benefit of having a built-in calibration sensor to maintain color accuracy over time.

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