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Barnfind - USA
Barnfind - USA
6441 Bellcross Trail
Whitsett, NC  27377
Products/Services: Camera Support
Mobile/Vehicle Production
Networks, Fiber
Broadband Applications/Infrastructure
Cable Equipment and Headend
Content Delivery Network
Contribution Media Transport
Distribution & Delivery
IP Newsgathering
IPTV/IP Video/Broadband Video
Mobile Video Distribution Technologies
Video Conversion
Wireless Applications/Infrastructure/Equipment
Installation Tools & Hardware
Signal Management and Processing
Systems Integration
Mobile Production Services
Mobile Production Studios
Outdoor Signage
Workflow Solutions
Equipment Sales/Rentals/Service
Audio Distribution, Digital & Analog

George Gonos
VP, Marketing & Administration
Andrea Cummins
VP, Technology
Renard Fiscus
VP, Field Operations
Phone: 919-748-7373
Fax: 201-710-7595
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Highlight Description:

BARNFIND-USA is the USA-based support, service and sales arm of BARNFIND Technologies out of Norway. We specialize in copper and fiber transport solutions with the industry’s needs in mind – signal routing, conversion, distribution, redundancy, and multiplexing for copper (SDI), fiber (all flavors) and IP provide a unique and all-encompassing solution for broadcast facilities, OB vans, telcos and any industry where data must be routed, converted, distributed and transported. Our ability to handle Ethernet and KVM has been used to optimize equipment requirements while improving asset management in several facilities throughout the world. Our Barn-One series of routers provide a 32 x 32 built-in routing system with a combination of BNC and SFP I/O ports to satisfy any application. Every SFP port is bi-directional and every BNC port can be set as an input or output and all outputs are re-clocked. Multiple reference switching can be set to different references depending on the signal being switched and the system works with most 3rd party control systems. Each BarnOne is contained within 1 RU space - the highest density yet least power consumption in the industry. Our BarnMini product line provides for even smaller form instrumentation for quick conversion and redundancy solutions for smaller, single signal challenges. You can get a flavor for our Barn-One frames, our Barn-Mini line and our entire product line by taking a look at:, visiting our website or reading the summary descriptions below:


Extended Description:

Introducing 12G-SDI & HDMI 2.0 Fiber Transport with Routing, Distribution, Conversion Capabilities

Empowering Connectivity & Large System Infrastructure

BTF1-41 Frame

We are showcasing our new BarnOne BTF1-41 frame and demonstrating the frame’s unique capabilities. With future-proof technology to support all emerging signal formats, including 4K, HDMI 2.0 and IP, the new frame also supports all legacy formats (including analog video) allowing facility designers and production engineers to utilize brand new as well as legacy technology in their work – all seamless and with practically no distance limitations - a multi-functional, signal neutral fiber transport platform that widens system design capabilities while permitting system reconfiguration on-the-fly.

The multi-range / multi-format BTF1-41 is 12G capable, includes a 36 x 36 router, a built-in GPIO, Tally and UMD control.  The frame features BarnStudio, Barnfind’s control software, and also offers the same flexible third-party control as the existing BarnOne 3G system. The BTF1-41 is an ideal solution for a vast variety of applications in the broadcast arena including sports, telemedicine and government applications.


BarnMini-22 is the newest BarnMini module and an extension of the series. It follows in the footsteps of Barnfind’s popular BarnMini-02 and BarnMini-12, two models that are in use by demanding clients around the globe by the thousands.  BarnMini-22 offers full built-in management of re-clockers and signal control via BarnStudio. Barnfind is one of the very few manufacturers that offers a small unit with 2 x SFP for protocol agnostic signal conversion.


The compact BarnMini-05 combines serial data RS422/RS485, 4 x GPI and 4 x GPO in one unit, controllable via an Ethernet/ SFP port. The unit can serve as an intelligent bridge between many third-party devices, for example transferring an RS422 signal or Tally between two locations. It can also control an external optical changeover switch (BarnMini-06) in a redundancy setup with easily set triggers. BarnStudio can be used to configure and monitor the BarnMini-05 with Barnfind’s BarnStudio control protocol.

BTF1-07-16 Frame

BarnOne BTF1-07-16 frame supports all signals and functions in one chassis with a built-in 32x32 router, 16 SFP ports and a 16-port fiber multiplexer. The unit can transmit eight 3G-SDI signals over WDM without loss of synchronization, allowing easy transport of 4K or even 8K uncompressed signals. Barnfind’s BarnOne frames and MUX units are now housed in metal casings for increased longevity, especially when used in the field where equipment is subjected to harsh elements and stressed to the limit.


Barnfind’s BarnStudio control protocol has added significant functionality via an integrated signal redundancy switch configurable for all BarnOne’s outputs. Regardless of signal format, bandwidth, optical or electrical, each output can be configured with “alternative” inputs and run parallel or individually. The switch controls signal presence, quality, status, and provides a complex, advanced redundancy system. Many high-end users are adopting BarnStudio as a primary source for control software as they become aware of the protocol’s upgraded functionality. Ember+ is the latest to join the long list of 3rd-party control protocol that is tightly integrated with BarnStudio.


Two years parts and labor; we repair or replace free of charge as long as you did not drive over the equipment with a truck or dropped it off a tall building and, since the product does not really faulter or break, we charge you a small amount to extend the warranty another 3 years for a total 5 years of warranty.  But, you need to decide this when you buy the products. In the unlikely event repairs are needed, you pay for freight to return the product to our LOCAL repair facility (Orange, NJ for USA customers) and we pay for the freight to get it back to you. Ah, dropping the product off an airplane without a parachute voids the warranty as well.

Product Information:
The new BTF1-41 frame combines conversion to fiber (and back to copper), distribution and routing of 32+ signals in a 1 RU package. SDI signals (up to 12G-SDI), HDMI 2.0 feeds, CCU/CAM signaling, KVM and Ethernet can all be converted, distributed, transported and routed all in one convenient and easy to use 1-RU package. Future-proof your facility and support all emerging as well as all legacy formats.

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