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Advantage Video Systems
Advantage Video Systems
1812 West Burbank Blvd
Suite 714
Burbank, CA  91506
Products/Services: 3D Stereoscopic Equipment
Broadcast/Recording Booths
Camera & Lenses
Camera Power & Accessories
Capture Accessories, Devices and Software
Lighting and Grip
Motion Capture/Virtual Production
Networks, Fiber
Portable/Modular Studios
Set Design/Props/Furniture and Fixtures
Workflow Software and Solutions
Advertising and Commercials
Content Aggregators/Syndicators
Interactive and Cross Platform: TV/Web/Mobile
News/Weather/Traffic Sources
Social Networking/UGC
Television Programming
Video Games
Digital Signage
Projectors and Projection Screens
Stereoscopic/Autostereoscopic 3D
TV Sets/Monitors
Video Display
Advertising/Analytics/Media Sales Solutions
Broadband Applications/Infrastructure
Cable Equipment and Headend
Content Delivery Network
EAS/CAP Equipment
IPTV/IP Video/Broadband Video
Video on Demand
Retransmission Consent
Antenna De-Icing Systems

Jeffrey Stansfield
Laura Hammer
PR Contact
Phone: 800-287-5095
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Company Description:

Advantage Video Systems  is one of the leading system integrators for the media & entertainment industry. In the past 17+ years, we have completed over 250 TV stations nationwide and are one of the largest builders of video podcasting studios.

We have built numerous production & post-production facilities and VFX houses. We build, install, and service, Video, and Audio editing bays, DI bays, Voice over rooms, VFX bays and screening rooms. In the back-end, we do everything for your facility from GPU Render Farms, Shared Storage, Media Asset Management, Archiving, distance-based KVM’s, UPS, cabling and so much more. 

Advantage Video Systems has recently launched AdvantageStudios. We can produce your shows on our green-screen stage with a white Cyclorama wall, and we have some sets as well.  We also have in-house video and audio post-production bays.  Our studio features a full Broadcasting studio bay, and much more.

We also have iLaunchnetTV, our own TV network currently with 16 TV channels including iPolitcsTV, My Holifield, SHe-TV, Youth Success Network, Filmmakers Network, broadcasting in over 160 countries with a reach of over 500 Million people around the world. We can send your show to millions of people on a daily basis and including 3.8 million locally on our channels 6 and 30 that has a reach from Los Angeles to Las Vegas. Our network will broadcast your content and shows on the internet including AppleTV, Roku, Amazon Fire Stick, Direct TV, Comcast, DishNetwork, 6 brands of smart TV’s, and local TV stations all over the US. We have built a revenue model that can bring you over $250,000.00 a month just in advertising.

Some of our clients include CBS, Company 3, NFL, Disney, NBC, Universal, FOX, U2, AT&T, RedFoo, Macy Gray, Crystal Cathedral Church, The Asylum Entertainment, California State University, Dominguez Hills, Bowers Museum, 44 BLUE PRODUCTIONS, Arlington County Schools, Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, Art and Coin TV, BMuse, Bodhi Tree Bookstore, FuseFX, Bubbas Chop Shop, DC Creative, CineTel Films, City of Camarillo, TV Guide, The 14th Dalai Lama, NuvoTV, Princess Cruises, Product Factory, StudioNorth, KTLA Channel 5/Tribune Broadcasting and many more.

Advantage Video Systems work encompasses workflow consultation, design, installation, and integration. See some of the projects we have done at these URL's:

Please email me at with any questions.

NAB 2019:

At this year’s NAB Las Vegas we will have representatives from one of the best leasing company’s on-site 

Regents Capital is a financing leader specializing in technology equipment for every industry, crafting equipment financing solutions that allow rapid response to changing conditions in the dynamic IT marketplace. We work with our technology vendor and direct customers to reduce the cost of technology-based equipment and provide customized life-cycle management solutions to diminish obsolescence risks.”

FREE NAB Concierge Services

Advantage Video Systems is offering FREE concierge services at NAB SHOW 2019. Our goal is to help you save time and money by streamlining your trip to the show. One of our highly trained video engineers can arrange meetings and tours with the leading manufacturers at the show, customize an itinerary with dates, times, and locations of booths or suites to meet the specific companies who can assist you to obtain the particular information you require. Contact me by email or call 818 624-4242.

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