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Sanken Microphones, distributed by plus24
Sanken Microphones, distributed by plus24
8974 Kramerwood Place
Los Angeles, CA  90034
Products/Services: Camera Power & Accessories
Audio Production
Audio Recording

Phone: 323-845-1171
Fax: 323-845-1170
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                                                                      **Booth # C6046**

Sanken’s lavalier microphones have become a de facto standard throughout the broadcast, film and live theater industries. Ultra-miniature and boasting the original “vertical diaphragm” design, the COS-11D is easy to conceal and provides a full 20Hz to 20kHz natural sonic spectrum.

Sanken, Japan’s oldest and most original microphone manufacturer, designs products for studio and location recording. When it comes to brilliant solutions to the rigorous challenges of action sound, today’s discerning professionals turn to Sanken, with its comprehensive lineup of versatile microphones designed to deliver optimum sound in the real world of sports.

Shotgun microphones are a mainstay of field recording and Sanken has designed a model to meet virtually every need.

  • CS-M1: Premium quality 4" king, lightweight, compact shotgun
  • CS-1e : Only 7 inches in length, lightweight and simple to mount on cameras
  • CS-2 : Great sounding long reach mic
  • CSR-2 : Long reach with rear rejection, especially useful for crowds
  • CS-3e : Flagship industry problem solver, great off axis rejection
  • CSS-5 : Introduced as world’s first stereo shotgun, three modes of operation
  • CSS-50: Affordable short stereo shotgun mic with 3 imaging modes
  • CMS-10 : Superior camera mount M-S mic
  • WMS-5 : World’s first 5-channel surround mic in one unit


Distributed by plus24 in the USA and Canada.