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NTP/DAD, distributed by plus24
NTP/DAD, distributed by plus24
8974 Kramerwood Place
Los Angeles, CA  90034
Products/Services: Networks, Fiber
Broadband Applications/Infrastructure
IT/Networking Infrastructure and Security
Signal Management and Processing
Format Conversion
Workflow Solutions
Audio Networking
Audio Post-Production
Audio Production
Audio Recording

Phone: 323-845-1171
Fax: 323-845-1170
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                                                                      **Booth # C6046**

NTP/DAD is the ultimate choice for high reliability and high performance digital audio routing and conversion. The NTP Penta 720/721 and DAD AX32/DX32 multi-channel digital router interfaces provide flexible solutions for all of your digital audio needs.

A single penta 720 or AX-32 Base Unit has 8 card slots that can accommodate up to a combination of 6 AD or DA cards for a total of 48 analog channels, AES3 I/O (16 mono channels), coax MADI I/O (up to 64 channels) and ADD EVEN MORE I/O - Dante, more MADI, AES, HD/SDI. All products now offer as standard a 1500x1500 router controlled via a software GUI.

The NEW DX-32R - The Digital Bridge - includes AES3 I/O (16 mono channels), a coax MADI I/O (up to 64 channels), 2 additional MADI I/O(128 channels ) with optional SFP choices, 64 I/O channels using Dante(TM), and a secondary, redundant power supply. The internal 1500 cross point router provides complete routing flexibility.


Distributed by plus24 in the USA and Canada.