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ATV Broadcast, LLC
ATV Broadcast, LLC
11650 Lantern Rd
Suite 104
Fishers, IN  46038
Products/Services: Interactive and Cross Platform: TV/Web/Mobile
Social Networking/UGC
Advertising/Analytics/Media Sales Solutions
Broadband Applications/Infrastructure
Distribution & Delivery
Mobile TV/Video Management Platforms/Applications
Online Video Platforms
Web-enabled Devices
Business and Technology Consultants
Management and Marketing Consultants
Program Suppliers and Networks
Rep Firms
Research Services
Research/Data Services
Retransmission Consent
Sales and marketing Support Tools
Specialty Services
Lightning Prevention
Advertising and Media Sales Solutions

Doug Smith
President and CEO
Michael Ruggiero
Chairman and Founder
Phone: 317-566-1563
Fax: 317-576-8515
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Company Description:

ATV Broadcast, LLC is a professional consulting group that represents broadcast television owners in a wide variety of business areas. ATV specializes in providing television stations with all facets of retransmission consent services from negotiations to formal notifications to ongoing revenue management. ATV also partners with leading-edge software and app design companies in order to provide accelerated incremental revenue opportunities ahead of ATSC 3.0 as well as asset protection to prevent the horror of lightning strikes.

Areas of Specialty:

Retransmission Consent Management

  • Retransmission Consent Negotiations
  • Retransmission Consent Election Letters
  • Retransmission Consent Revenue Processing
  • Network Affiliation Agreement Assistance
  • Network Exclusivity Notifications
  • Syndicated Exclusivity Notifications

New Business Development 

  • Strategic Partnering with key Software Providers
  • Introduction of New Apps for Television Viewing
  • New Channel Development through Launch Phase
  • New Revenue Stream Opportunity Development
  • Maximizing Social Metrics of Station Talent
  • Creating New Advertising Streams

Strategic Planning, Consumer Research and Risk Management Services

  • MVPD Subscriber Auditing (Small to Medium MVPDS)
  • Channel Carriage Verification
  • Consumer Research
  • Strategic Planning & Implementation
  • Financial Management of Receivables
  • Risk Management Innovations for Ground & Tower Facilities

ATV is a diversified telecommunications consulting group focused on optimizing broadcast resource portfolios in respective markets. With offices in Indianapolis, New York, Dallas, Las Vegas, Denver and London, ATV provides a menu of services from seasoned, leading edge, business professionals.  With backgrounds spanning television broadcasting, programming, cable telecommunications, syndication, finance and auditing, ATV is poised to help broadcasters obtain the best value for their programming assets ranging from retransmission consent negotiations, market border protection, receivables from MVPDs, financial software for CFOs and specialized review/audit services for selected operator agreements.  ATV also has ties with FCC attorneys and resources for network affiliation negotiations.

  • ATV has also been instrumental in helping launch and distribute nearly a dozen different multicast and cable channels with financial benefits tying back to broadcasters.
  • ATV believes in diversity in its team composition and in its leadership.  As such, ATV has been able to surface talent and ideas that are leading edge in the marketplace with its ATV 360 platform.

Take advantage of ATV 's expertise.  Call ATV at 317.258.6280 or email ATV at