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International Towers Incorporated
International Towers Incorporated
8061 W. Tangerine Road
Marana, AZ  85658
Products/Services: Antennas/Transmitters/Towers/Buildings
Broadband Applications/Infrastructure
Microwave RF Accessories
Test and Measurement Equipment/QOS
Wireless Applications/Infrastructure/Equipment
Business and Technology Consultants
Engineering and Technical Consultants
FAA Tower Lighting
Systems Integration
Power Generations

James A. Hynes
Director of Sales
Tom Rae
Doug Gratzer
Engineering POC
Ed Marue
Program Management POC
Stuart Goettsch
Operations Manager
Stan Klebe
Phone: 520-742-0457
Fax: 520-622-2590
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Company Description:

International Towers Incorporated (ITI) and Tower Engineering Company (TEC) have teamed to provide turn-key broadcast tower inspection, condition assessment, analysis, design solutions, equipment replacement, and installation services in support of this transition.

ITI is a licensed general contractor with over 30 years of experience supporting the national broadcasting industry. We have locations in Tucson AZ, Jupiter FL, and New Orleans, LA.  ITI’s key personnel, including crew leaders, are all rooted in the broadcast industry and have designed, manufactured, erected, new structures and modified existing structures.  ITI is also experienced in servicing all types of broadcast towers since the early 1980’s.  In fact, the tasks routinely performed include antenna and line repair and replacement, as well as transmitter and combiner, diplexer and in-house component installation and tuning.  ITI currently has the crews and equipment required to meet any need necessary as a result of this frequency change for our customers.

In addition to the work ITI performed supporting the national broadcast industry, we have been fortunate to be currently supporting several U.S. Department of Homeland Security / Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Security/Surveillance initiatives for the Federal Government including the CBP Block-1, Integrated Fixed Tower (IFT), Remote Video Surveillance System (RVSS), and Land Mobile Radio Modernization program. Additionally, ITI also supports the design and installation of wireless and broadcast communications infrastructure for large primes like AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint and Verizon.  ITI recently supported local police, fire and EMS first responders on the FirstNet Los Angeles Regional Interoperable Communications (LA-RICS) program in Los Angeles County.  Please visit the ITI corporate web-site at for more information.

Tower Engineering Company (TEC) is a structural engineering firm, specializing in the analysis, design, broadcast tower inspection, condition assessment, and site development of communications towers for broadcasting corporations, public agencies and tower owners worldwide. Licensed in 48 states, the District of Columbia, Guam and Puerto Rico, TEC is incomparably experienced in all aspects of tower design, analysis, construction support, transmitter building design and all other associated infrastructure.  The principals of TEC have been in the broadcast industry since the early 1980’s.  In fact, TEC’s principals were involved with the original ATSC standard for digital broadcast and are full members of the TIA who also support the TR-14 Committee that wrote the TIA-222-G standard.  They serve as Chairman of Sub Group 1 (a.k.a. the “Loads” Group) who is rewriting Chapter 2, Annex B, Annex C and Annex D for the TIA-222-H standard to update Ultimate Wind, Exposure, IBC and ASCE 7 standards.   Please visit the TEC corporate web-site at for more information.