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Transvideo International
Transvideo International
130 E Prospect Ave
Burbank, CA  91502
Products/Services: 3D Stereoscopic Equipment
Motion Picture/Film Production
Stereoscopic/Autostereoscopic 3D
TV Sets/Monitors
Video Display
Microwave RF Accessories

Phone: 818-985-4903
Fax: 818-985-4921
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Highlight Description:

Recipient of 4 awards including an Academy Award, Transvideo designs and manufactures professional monitors & video accessories for Film, Digital & Video Productions.  After winning for 10 consecutive years the Best Professional Video Equipment Award, Transvideo International, California is in the Business Hall of Fame.  Transvideo equipment is in use worldwide by Operators, Directors & ACs on major 2D & 3D / Stereoscopic film & TV releases as well as Commercials, Scripted or Reality TV, Documentaries and News Gathering. Complete line of HD/SD multi-standard monitors from 4" to 15" sizes as well as wireless LCD monitors. HD and SD Video transmitters/receivers systems (license-free).

Transvideo monitors are renowned for their full sun viewing capability, mounted on cameras, body-rigs, cranes or inside an aircraft cockpit. Tech support is available in USA, Europe and many countries, providing answers 24/7.  Transvideo professional equipment is user-friendly and built to last years in the harshest environments including rentals & military applications.


Extended Description:

NEW 8" Cinemonitor X-SBL: the ideal body-rig Operator monitor with 85º viewing angles in all 4 direction and over 2000NITS, Digital Horizon with inertia compensation & all the Tools you have come to expect from a Transvideo CinemonitorHD.

NEW 5” StarliteHD Version2 monitor with built-in recorder and AUTO-REC : ultra crisp HD image, less than 1 frame latency. Includes Digital Horizon, Peaking, Zoom & reframe, waveform, histogram & vector-scope. Weight: 7 oz. 

NEW 7” StargateFHD Version 2 HDR new Software: Full HD monitor with built-in recorder, no latency technology, full sun viewable. Now includes all intelligent lens data on the 1st AC view mode, a well as HDR functions.

Product Information:
Transvideo International presents:
NEW 8" Cinemonitor X-SBL
NEW 5 StarliteHD Version2 monitor with built-in recorder and AUTO-REC
NEW 7 StargateFHD Version 2 HDR new Software

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