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Luma Touch LLC
Luma Touch LLC
1106 South Union Avenue
Suite 2
Midvale, UT  84047
Products/Services: Motion Picture/Film and Documentary
Motion Picture/Film Production
Short/Form Programming
Television Programming
Mobile TV/Video Management Platforms/Applications
Video Conversion
Mobile Production Services
Animation and VFX
Format Conversion
Mastering and Duplication
Motion Graphics
Music and Sound Libraries
Workflow Solutions
Audio Editing
Audio Mixing
Audio Processing and Effects

Terri Morgan
Co-founder, Product Design
Chris Demiris
Co-founder, Lead Engineer
Phone: 206-419-0609
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Luma Touch is an iOS platform developer supporting the storytelling needs of aspiring, independent, and professional filmmakers. The company creates professional mobile video editing, audio, and effects applications.

Luma Touch’s collection of applications includes LumaFusion and LumaFX for iPhones and iPads.

Co-founded by post production experts Terri Morgan and Chris Demiris, Luma Touch brings decades of experience to mobile video editing.

Extended Description:


LumaFusion is the first truly professional video editor for iOS. It features a timeline with six video and six audio layers. On the six video layers you can add 4K video with audio, titles, images and graphics. On the audio-only layers you can add music, sound FX, audio extracted from your video, and voice-over recordings, which you can record straight to the timeline. Every piece of media on the timeline can be opened in a custom editor for audio or video effects and color correction.

LumaFusion has been acclaimed by journalists, filmmakers, and emerging content creators around the world as the go-to application for video editing, titling, audio mixing, color correction and finishing of high-quality video on iOS devices. Rivaling features and exceeding the usability of more costly desktop editors like FXCP and Adobe Premiere, LumaFusion’s intuitive design gives new users a head start and enables professionals to find all the powerful features needed to craft their story, streamline their editing workflow, and finish their next video on mobile.

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