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Amro Shihadah
415-365-1048 ext 704
Mohammad Shihadah
Mark Hughes
Head of Computer Vision & AI
Bob Milani
Nikki Manquindang
Sr. Program Manager
Phone: 415-365-1048
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Highlight Description:

IDenTV Unparalleled AI Powered Multimedia Analytics

IDenTV provides leading AI capabilities creating new value in video with advanced computer vision content search and recognition. IDenTV’s Intelligent Video Platfom’s AI-powered services product produce next-generation actionable insights, real-time video search, and content management tools that allow you to monetize video like never before.

The current state of the industry is that the proper technologies are not in place - Current offerings require massive human intervention leading to inefficient, costly and error prone analytics. In addition, these solutions do not scale and are not capable of evolving to perform in real-time environments.  All leading to the creation and consumption of video that will not be properly curated, analyzed, monetized, or made actionable.

The IDenTV team has seen first hand how the world has moved beyond text, with video playing a greater role in business and in our daily communications. This surge of video data has created the requirements to deploy advanced computer vision technology to automatically understand the viewed content to best meet the evolving needs of content producers and consumers globally.

IDenTV’s suite of AI solutions not only provide understanding but enable the repurposing and utilization of contextual metadata within the video supply chain for users to increase their ROI. Using advanced video search (beyond title and simple tags), users can dynamically recall video to better connect with their customers. Creating agility in the marketplace, our clients can out maneuver competitors and better engage customers with improved targeting and better video content distribution all driven by contextual search.


IDenTV’s Real-time Content Recognition

  • Ad-detection
  • Content Recognition
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Right Management
  • Playout Verification
  • Anti-Piracy
  • Powering Attribution /Analytics
  • Compatitive Intelligence
  • ACR in Device

IDenTV’s Real-Time Video Juicer:

Easy to use web interface for non-technical users. Leveraging over 30+ A.I. engines, easy to augment and customize. Engines including but not limited too:

  • Object Recognition
  • Facial Recognition (demographic, emotions)
  • Brands/Logo Recognition
  • Scenes Recognition
  • Activity Recognition
  • Illicit content
  • Content Classification
  • Metadata Search & Video Clip Recall

Aerial & Drone Capabilities, Pattern Reconition, OCR, ASR, Closed Caption Extraction, Machine Translation, NLP, NLU Technologies and more.

Why is AI Critical Now?

  1. Big Data Analysis challenging today with video expected to be over 80.8 of an internat traffic AI curation is critical.
  2. Creating next generation contextual rich metadata & analytics
  3. Advanced Video Processing, Discovery, Dissemination & Exploitation
  4. Advanced metadata curation and vast search capabilities
  5. Increase ease of video recall & cross-platform content creation. Re-proposing video improving targeting, ad placement leading to increases in ROI
  6. Improve compliance via automated filtering of illicit content
  7. Improve engagement via automated contextual targeting between content and advert repositories
  8. Enhance brand safety, reputation, visibility & revealing sponsorship/product placement ROI
  9. Real-Time Content Detection & Predictive Analytics for improved Dynamic Ad Insertion
  10. NLU allowing for easy video search/recall and monetization
  11. Creating contextual understanding through ASR & MT
  12. Modular design of platform solutions enables easy applications for augmentation of National Security initiatives.
Extended Description:

Use-Cases Include:

Digital / Media Asset Management (DAM/MAM): Using our A.I. models to extract granular metadata from video assets to improve the ability to search through video and make recommendations.

Brand Exposure: Measuring how much a brand or person is exposed on TV and/or VOD/OTT to calculate the earned media impact.

Real-Time Ad Detection / Attribution: Using our video fingerprinting technology, you can run real-time ad detection on TV or your digital platforms like a real-time video exchange.

Audience Measurement: Our video fingerprinting technology via an SDK that can sit in devices (TVs, Set-top-boxes, etc.) to determine what a person is watching or being exposed to.

Archival Video Curation: Using our AI Models to create intelligent archives to better understand, curate, search and promote, repurpose and distribute across platforms. Reduce or transform cost centers into new revenu generators with direct ROI increases via new content creation, distribution and advertising sales. FASTER, CHEAPER AND DYNAMIC EXPLOITATION.

Dynamic Ad Insertion: Using our models as triggers for dynamic ad insertion. For example, if you receive an alert that a Coca Cola can is appearing on TV, you can insert a banner Ad for coca cola on the screen, or sell the next ad spot to Pepsi for a higher value and insert logic to power more intelligent Real-time bidding/programmatic platforms.

Copyright Protection / Brand Safety: Use our video fingerprinting to detect when content should not be airing, or use our VideoJuicer to help determine if an ad is going to be played when it should not (ex: next to a video that is not appropriate).

Product Information:
IDenTV provides leading Video AI tech to create next generation video analytics with advanced computer vision content search & recognition. The Intelligent Video Platfomís AI-powered services produce actionable insights, real-time video search & content management tools that allow clients to monetize video like never before. Competitors donít scale are not real-time or customizable, with limited automation & massive human reliance & inefficiencies leading to costly & error prone analytics.

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