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UniSoft Corporation
UniSoft Corporation
10 Rollins Road
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Millbrae, CA  94030
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Audrey Ruelas
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Phone: 650-259-1290
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Company Description:

UniSoft® Corporation is a software company which specializes in the provision of broadcast, monitoring and testing tools specific to interactive TV standards. UniSoft is the US sales representative for a number of companies including Strategy and Technology Limited ("S&T") and Netcom Group.

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UniSoft's primary focus is the US cable and broadcast industries. We deliver guide data and applications encoded in MPEG data and object carousels for a number of the cable companies. We also offer a turnkey solution for creation and delivery of ATSC 3.0 based content for the US terrestrial broadcasters.

ATSC 3.0/NextGen TV

ATSC 3.0/NextGen TV is a new digital standard for encoding and delivery of terrestrial TV in the US. ATSC 3.0/NextGen TV provides increased bandwith and supports 4K Ultra High Definition (UHD) video and enhanced audio. It is a hybrid system designed to be transmitted over the air or via the internet.

The most significant new features of ATSC 3.0/NextGen TV include:

  • The ability to support 4K UHD (3,840 x 2,160) and higher video resolutions including 8K.
  • Immersive audio including Dolby AC-4.
  • Multiple channels with the same bandwidth (Multiple Physical Layer Pipes).
  • Greatly improved signal robustness especially in built-up areas and with mobile reception.
  • A return path via the internet enables a variety of interactive applications.
  • Delivery of ATSC Non Real Time (NRT) file-based content. NRT video can be used for targetted advertising and pushed VOD (subscription video).

The Commercial Benefits

ATSC 3.0/NextGen TV provides the broadcaster with several new methods of revenue generation including:

  • Additional (or higher) fees for interactive and targeted advertising.
  • Subscription and Pay Per View (PPV) fees for NRT downloads.
  • Revenues from political campaigns, including sponsored voting and polling and micro donations.
  • Direct product sales originated from an interactive application.
  • Fees generated from the sale of aggregated audience measurement data

More Details

  • OFDM modulation with up to 57Mbps in a 6MHz channel (25Mbps typical).
  • DVB-T2 style Multiple Physical Layer Pipes (PLP) which allow carriage of multiple services (e.g. UHD, SD, mobile and NRT).
  • Each PLP allows different combinations of error correction, modulation and coding rate.
  • Programs sent as transport stream over IP; encoded with ISO BMFF streamed using MPEG Multimedia Transport (MMT) or MPEG-DASH streamed using the Real Time Object Delivery over Unidirectional Transport (ROUTE).
  • Low Level Signaling (LLS) information is carried via IP packets with a well known address/port. The Service List Table (SLT) is specified as the LLS; its' functionality is similar to that of the program association table (PAT) of MPEG-2.
  • ATSC 3.0/NextGen TV Runtime Environment supporting interactive applications consisting of HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript-based content.
  • ATSC 3.0/NextGen TV Studio Transmitter Link (STL) stream interface to ATSC 3.0/NextGen TV SFN transmitters.
  • Extend coverage using a Single Frequency Network (SFN).
Product Information:
ATSC 3.0/NextGen TV Delivery System
UniSoft offers a complete ATSC 3.0/NextGen TV delivery system suitable for lab testing, trials and deployment. We provide the key components separately or as a pre-built, integrated and configured system (the "ATSC 3.0/NextGen TV UniRack").

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