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Joćo Neto
Mariana Manteiga
Head of Marketing
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The all-in-one captioning solution company! Meet us at Booth SU10421 during NAB Las Vegas and find out more about VoiceInteraction and its solutions that cover all the captioning accessibility requirements for live TV broadcast, Internet streaming and VOD publishing.

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Established in 2008, VoiceInteraction is a global software company that provides speech processing-based solutions for the Broadcasting Industry. The Broadcast market has been the center of our focus and our vision and mission is to streamline some of its current practices regarding captioning production and distribution.

Having our origins in the Academia, we strive for constant innovation: our time is spent researching and developing new and more efficient ways of making media contents available to a wider audience.  

With today’s technology evolution pace, there’s a constant urge to research for new solutions to face our customers’ industry challenges. Through all the insights and proprietary technology, we’ve focused on:

ASR – Automatic Speech Recognition;

TTS – Text to Speech;

NLU - Natural Language Understanding;

Dialogue Systems.

Our technologies support a number of application domains, such as Automatic Live Closed Captioning, Compliance Logging and Broadcast Monitoring, Speech Transcription, Spoken Term Detection and Indexing, Spoken Language Identification and Speech Analytics for Actionable Knowledge, which enabled us to create a vast portfolio of products to attend the needs of a wide range of industries like Broadcasting, Governmental, Healthcare, Utilities, Educational and more.

With offices in 3 different continents (Lisbon, Sao Paulo and New York), we are today a global company with a solid presence in Europe, North, Latin and South America and Africa with clients all over the world. 

This industry is growing faster than ever and we realize how crucial it is for content providers to distinguish themselves from the competition: a dedicated and specialized team that will continue to develop, integrate and customize flexible solutions to make sure accessibility and content delivery are on the top of Broadcaster’s priorities. We believe that in the future, speech will be the preferred interface for access to information technology and we intend to be a leading company in the area, basing our action on a continuous search for innovative solutions allied with scientific development. 

By providing solutions focusing on speech processing technology, we intend to introduce competitive advantages into our partners' and clients' products as we’ll deliver more accurate, efficient and cost-effective solutions across all Media platforms to everyone and everywhere.

VoiceInteraction wants to consolidate its presence in the markets where we are operating and expand to new markets. Video content producers don’t position captioning as just another mandatory item but, now, captioning is regarded as a value-added asset. The Broadcasters’ day-to-day operation can be very stressful and our Monitoring & Compliance platform was developed to ease their workload, as it helps them not only to fulfill regulators’ directives but also to create easily searchable multiplatform content.

Speech Interfaces will be everywhere… and we will contribute to it!

Extended Description:

A solution that covers all the captioning accessibility requirements to live TV broadcast, Internet streaming, VOD publishing and video metadata indexing. Real-time, accurate and speaker-independent speech transcription, this software has low latency output with a daily language model update. All these features available in a single solution at an affordable cost allows to comply with the highest accessibility standards.

Product Information:
Audimus.Media is a proprietary Automatic CC solution comprising state-of-the-art signal processing and Machine Learning techniques for live shows.

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