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LucidLink Corp
LucidLink Corp
525 York Street
San Francisco, CA  94110
Products/Services: Workflow Software and Solutions
Digital Asset Management and Storage
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Workflow Software and Solutions
Workflow Solutions
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Scott Miller
Phone: 415-323-4470
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Company Description:

At any given time, M&E companies have multiple active projects from pre-production to distribution which includes high resolution, multi-camera images, audio, video, and digital workflows. Production teams need to have immediate access to large files and collaborate quickly. IT leaders have a unique set of demands for increasing high-performance access to files and high capacity storage as well as. Lucidlink understands the challenges facing the media & entertainment industry and provides secure, file streaming capabilities to improve workflows.

LucidLink Filespaces™ is an advanced distributed file service that enables organizations with dispersed workforces to quickly connect to big files or large data sets allowing simple, high-performance access. Filespaces is for IT leaders looking for a secure, remote access solution that performs like a local disk.

LucidLink has taken a new approach to cloud storage enabling organizations to

  • Extend cloud storage to a local drive using any S3 provider
  • Stream and share data, instead of sync
  • Keep valuable content, completely secure
  • Access TB to PB of data in place
  • Solve distance-related latency issues
  • Achieve random R/W access to large objects

LucidLink’s advanced distributed file service solves the problem of distance and latency in cloud environments by removing up to 80% of the traffic between applications and files. It dramatically boosts responsiveness and allows file data to be delivered efficiently and streamed on-demand.  Performance is optimized further by sophisticated data prefetching based on a proprietary, adaptive algorithm; parallel TCP streams; local write-back caching; and in-line compression.

By facilitating seamless access to large files like music, video, and images — regardless of location — LucidLink’s on-demand streaming optimizes digital workflows, reduces complexity, increases flexibility, and greatly enhances remote team collaboration and productivity.