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LTN Global Communicationa
LTN Global Communicationa
7090 Columbia Gateway Drive
Suite 100
Columbia, MD  21046
Products/Services: Mobile/Vehicle Production
Workflow Software and Solutions
Advertising and Commercials
Content Publishers
Interactive and Cross Platform: TV/Web/Mobile
Advertising/Analytics/Media Sales Solutions
Content Delivery Network
Contribution Media Transport
Distribution & Delivery
IP Newsgathering
IPTV/IP Video/Broadband Video
Media Transport
Video Conversion
Digital Asset Management and Storage
IT/Networking Infrastructure and Security
Software/Applications/Middleware/Workflow Solutions
Workflow Software and Solutions
Mobile Production Services
Format Conversion
Workflow Solutions

Nadia Khan
VP Marketing & Communications
Phone: 855-586-4562
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Company Description:

LTN Global is a worldwide leader in media technology solutions that empower users to acquire, transform, deliver, and monetize content at scale. With a uniquely unified, optimized, and highly automated end-to-end workflow built on its family of industry-best technologies, LTN brings its customers greater efficiency, agility, and creativity in delivering more content to more viewers.

LTN is a trusted partner to leaders in broadcast and video innovation, and the company's solutions facilitate and streamline essential workflows to connect 3,000+ locations with audiences around the world. Leveraging proprietary technology, including its unqieuly redundant and fully managed IP video network, LTN has established a reputation for multicsting transmission-critical content with unparalleled, speed, quality, and reliability. Drawing on its four pillars - create, connect, command and transport - LTN optimizes each stage in the digital and linear video chains, from any source to every screen. As a result, LTN customers can deliver the most relevant content and the ulitimate user experience to viewers watching on any device and any platform, anywhere in the wold. 

LTN solutions unify teams, simplify complex processes and operations, and integrate seamlessly with customers' existing infrastructure. The company's modular service offering leverages LTN's fully managed network for peerless, IP-based live video delivery; LTN Create production services and media processing, backed by a 24/7 network operations center; LTN Connect technology for control, monitoring, ad insertion, and media transformation; and LTN Command's scalable, cloud-enabled video production platform fo rlive and real-time video.