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Bitcentral, Inc.
Bitcentral, Inc.
4340 Von Karman Ave., Suite 400
Newport Beach, CA  92660
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Fred Fourcher
Sam Peterson
VP Product Management and Marketing
Phone: 949-253-9000
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Bitcentral provides the most efficient video workflow solutions for broadcast and digital media. Our news production and master control and automation solutions power over 200 North American broadcast operations and over 1000 facilities worldwide.

Video workflow solutions are our specialty, and our deep understanding of the process of media production, management and distribution has made it possible for us to create the most advanced and flexible newsroom production and master control and automation workflow platforms in existence. So much so, that more newsrooms across the US use our platform than any other system available – we think that’s an unmistakable testament to the value of what we’ve created.

One reason our platforms are so popular is that they make it possible to manage every aspect of the video lifecycle through one system, from Shoot > Edit > Manage > Archive > Air, we handle it all. And our open architecture makes it possible to easily integrate just about any other major third party system into the Bitcentral workflow as well. Everything we create seamlessly runs in the most stable and tested environments, on the most reliable and modern HP hardware, tying each process together in a series of simple and elegant interfaces designed to perform exactly the functions you need, right when you need them.

One look and you’ll understand why our clients say Bitcentral is their go-to solution. It’s integrated, simple to use, and always gets the job done.

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Core News™

Core News is the leading live news production system for broadcasters globally with a proven U.S. leading market share. This scalable and modular system allows for stations of all sizes to unify their story production processes, while sharing content across station groups with simple drag and drop story sharing.

Central Control™

Central Control provides a flexible toolset for master control operation with modules to execute all of the processes that converge into playout. This approach streamlines operators’ efforts without compromising ease of use. Central Control delivers full linear channels including traffic integration, storage management, offline playlists scheduling, syndicated content processing and automated feed recording, program cataloging, media editing/versioning, system monitoring and reporting.  The result: reliable execution of parallel processes with flexibility and efficient resource allocation.


Fuel is Bitcentral’s new digital platform that powers Linear on Demand™ (LOD™), personalized channels in a cloud-based solution. FUEL seamlessly delivers stories viewers are interested in, delivered when and where they want to view it, across all platforms. FUEL’s efficient tools offer a smooth and integrated workflow combined with a server-side streaming engine, that together, enable a great viewing experience easily and efficiently. FUEL empowers content owners and creators with an easier path than ever before to enhance existing media assets, as well as provide a delivery system that efficiently monetizes existing assets through advertising. FUEL helps overcome the lack of monetization on YouTube and Facebook by teasing content on social media and monetizing it on a broadcaster-controlled platform.


Prism is a flexible NRCS platform that connects journalists, producers and directors to the stories that need telling. Prism enables collaboration in the newsroom throughout the production process, including publishing content beyond traditional audiences to the web and social media. The flexible architecture allows clients internal to the newsroom and across a WAN connection to contribute to stories as they develop. Presented in a modular platform, Prism features can be added easily to address the growing needs of any newsroom.

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