NEP Broadcasting
2 Beta Dr
Pittsburgh, PA  15238-2916
Products/Services: Camera & Lenses
Film and Tape
Lighting and Grip
Mobile/Vehicle Production
Digital Signage
Projectors and Projection Screens
Stereoscopic/Autostereoscopic 3D
TV Sets/Monitors
Video Display
Business and Technology Consultants
Engineering and Technical Consultants
Production Services
IT/Networking Infrastructure and Security
Signal Management and Processing
Systems Integration
Video Processing
Mobile Production Services
Mobile Production Studios
Outdoor Signage
Power Generations
Animation and VFX
Format Conversion
Mastering and Duplication
Audio Editing
Audio Mixing
Audio Networking
Audio Post-Production
Audio Production
Audio Recording

Meredith Knight
Marketing Director
Phone: 412-826-1414
Fax: 412-826-1433