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Carl T. Jones Corporation
Carl T. Jones Corporation
7901 Yarnwood Ct
Springfield, VA  22153
Products/Services: Antennas/Transmitters/Towers/Buildings
Engineering and Technical Consultants
FAA Tower Lighting
Research Services
Research/Data Services
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Specialty Services

Carl T. (Tom) Jones, Jr.
Herman E. Hurst, Jr.
Manager Broadcast Services
Phone: 703-569-7704
Fax: 703-569-6417
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Company Description:

The Carl T. Jones Corporation (CTJC) provides professional communications engineering services to the broadcast industry and to Federal, State and local government entities. CTJC specializes in the areas of: design and optimization of communications facilities, propagation analysis, frequency allocations, directional antenna design, interference analyses, facility and equipment performance verification and special test design to evaluate the impact of new technologies.

The CTJC staff has extensive experience in dealing with technical matters before the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) including the filing of applications for new and modified AM, FM, IBOC, TV, DTV, FM translator, FM booster, LPFM, BAS, microwave, satellite and land mobile facilities.

  • For AM broadcasters, CTJC specializes in antenna design, phasing and coupling system design, station colocation projects and field measurement/tuning efforts.  Further, CTJC is a party to the ongoing FCC effort to revitalize the AM Radio service and CTJC remains current with the most advantageous methods available to improve, maintain or upgrade your AM station.
  • For TV broadcasters CTJC is uniquely qualified to provide TV station owners with the guidance and expertise necessary to navigate yet another TV spectrum repacking effort.
  • For FM broadcasters, CTJC offers a wide range of FM broadcast services from a simple antenna relocation to a complex upgrade which may involve a distant transmitter site relocation, multiple other stations, a change in frequency and/or a change in the FM station's community of license.  Our staff specializes in solving complicated technical problems and providing technical support in contested cases.

The CTJC consulting engineers are dedicated to the design and development of cost effective engineering solutions for today's difficult broadcasting and communication systems challenges.