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Accelerated Media Technologies Inc.
Accelerated Media Technologies Inc.
19 Technology Drive
Auburn, MA  01501
Products/Services: Mobile/Vehicle Production
IPTV/IP Video/Broadband Video
Microwave RF Accessories
Mobile TV/Video Management Platforms/Applications
Mobile Video Distribution Technologies
Online Video Platforms
DSNG Vehicles and Services
Mobile Production Services
Mobile Production Studios
Power Generations
Satellite Uplink

Thomas Jennings
Steve Defala
Northeast Director of Sales/ENGenesis

Jerry Agresti
Western Region Sales Manager

Phone: 508-459-0300
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Highlight Description:

Accelerated Media Technologies Inc. was founded in 2010 by a group of highly experienced mobile communications specialists whose experience spans back nearly 40 years. Members of this team were involved with the formations of many of the networks we now rely on for news and sports; others developed the broadcast industry’s very first mobile satellite vehicles and collectively, we have been building mobile communications vehicles for the broadcast and law enforcement industries since before there was a mainstream industry to utilize them. Simply put, WE UNDERSTAND MOBILE COMMUNICATIONS PLATFORMS, their applications and design criteria and have been involved in their creation since their inception.

Extended Description:

With so many of the legacy companies having been absorbed by large corporate conglomerates, it became evident that personal attention to detail and cost containment had fallen by the wayside and the end users were paying the price (quite literally) for large corporate overheads. To address this problem, professionals from across multiple industries joined forces to form a truly customer-centric organization dedicated to the broadcast and mobile communications industry and its evolution. We certainly provide all of the legacy solutions our clients have been used to including:

  • Custom Aluminum Modular Bodies
  • Vehicle Conversions
  • Trailers
  • System Integration


Our primary mission, however, has been to evolve communications platforms and broadcast vehicles beyond conventional solutions to better align themselves with the new financial, operational and functional models set forth by the various industries. The need for less expensive, easier to operate and small platforms has never been more evident. By constantly working with industry professionals and OEM vehicle manufacturers, we have provided some of the most groundbreaking platforms the industry has seen in 10 years with safety and reliability rating far above that of other solutions.  Aside from our award winning line of ENG/DSNG and EFP vehicles, Accelerated Media is THE leading vendor in the integration of KA Band/Cellular bonded systems, Advanced Bi-Directional Microwave systems and customized hardware for microwave aiming, cellular transmission technologies and power systems that have revolutionized the industry.

Our vehicles meet or exceed all applicable SAE standards, NEC Codes and FMVSS Standards 207, 210, 216, and 302.

We work closely with you to meet your exact needs and we are delighted to share our extensive resources and technologies to help our customers meet their unique challenges.

Our comprehensive in-house engineering team applies extensive CAD system experience to unparalleled documenting, managing, purchasing and tracking and controlling costs. Our experts in systems integration ensure the proper installation and work of sophisticated electronics.

Product Information:
Accelerated Media manufactures a full line of ENG, SNG, DS/ENG, CNG and EFP Vehicles.† We lead the industry in all aspects of the market with platforms available on the smallest of SUVís to the largest of Production Vehicles.† Recent products include the ALL NEW Suburban Weather Chasers, RAM ProMaster, FullSize Ford Transit and GM3500 Horizon Series.

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